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First impressions of the Stratux AHRS

The power of the Stratux project has become more...powerful! Once only the dream of many has became a reality, AHRS. An attitude and heading reference system (AHRS) consists of sensors on three axes that provide attitude information for aircraft, including roll, pitch and yaw.

So what does this mean for the pilot? Check out my video below for initial impressions on my flight to a Northern Virginia airport...

You can check out my full video of the AHRS upgrade here:

The complete tutorial can be found here:

What is a Stratux? Well, take a look!

Finally, your options to purchase can be found here:

Stratux AHRS module kit:

Stratux AHRS module (without SD card and adapter):

All in one kit - everything you need to get going:

Stratux AHRS supplimental instructions:

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