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Could this be the Perfect ADS-B In solution?

With many pilots are upgrading their cockpits to ADS-B "out" transponders, there approaches more of a interest for ADS-B "in" receivers. These little receivers allow a user to view a whole host of information that is being transmitted by the ADS network.

This information includes various items such as CONUS NEXRAD, Meteorological Terminal Aviation Routine (METARs), terminal aerodrome forecast (TAFs), Airmen's/Significant Meteorological Information (AIR/SIGMETs), pilot report (PIREPs), winds and temps aloft, Temporary Flight Restriction (TFRs), Notice to Airmen (NOTAMs), and Special Use Airspace (SUA) information and aircraft location information. All of which is extremely useful to pilots.


ADS-B stands for Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast.

  • Automatic–properly-equipped aircraft automatically report their position, without need for a radar interrogation

  • Dependent–ADS-B depends on aircraft having an approved WAAS GPS on board and an ADS-B Out transmitter

  • Surveillance–it is a surveillance technology that allows ATC to watch airplanes move around

  • Broadcast–aircraft broadcast their position information to airplanes and ATC


The most amazing thing about this information is that it is free as long as you have a way of tuning in.

Many large scale companies have been offering these devices for around $1000. A small group of electronics enthusiasts have figured out how to get the same capability for around $150 by using off the shelf components. The core of the device uses a Raspberry pi (small computer) and runs software called Stratux. A version of this device is discussed here:

However if you are one that does not prefer to assemble your own, a small company called Crew Dog Electronics has put together a total solution for less than $250 that requires hardly no assembly and absolutely no knowledge of programming!

Christopher Young the lead programmer of the Stratux group provides his software and instructions free of charge. He also sells the required hardware via amazon for those wishing to DIY. Crew Dog Electronics offers ready to fly hardware for pilots wanting to dial in to the information that is being broadcast without the hassle of assembly..

This information is a supplement to a in-depth pilot weather briefing and can profoundly increase safety whilst in the air. The ability to know what is around you, including aircraft, provides that extra bit security and serves as a powerful tool in a pilot's "toolbox".

There are very few times when you can truly save this much, while increasing safety in aviation!

Here is my latest video explaining what comes in the kit, the setup and implementation of the device-

You can pickup your own using the links below:

Stratux All in One solution from Crew Dog Electronics:


ADS-B 101: What It Is And Why You Should Care

Stratux by cyoung

The Stratux Pilot Group

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