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A simple solution for your nighttime passengers

There are times that I fly at night with passengers. Sometimes we cruise around the city to take in the lights and other times, it is coming back from a trip where traveling by night just makes more sense based on current weather forecast.

For those who carry passengers during the night hours, most pilots can agree that there will be at least one time during the flight where a passenger wants to turn on a light. Whether it is to find something in a bag, or to pass the time to read a book. It is almost inevitable that there will be a time where they will reach for the light.

The negative to this, is that there are a lot of aircraft that have limited rear passenger lighting. In mine for example, there is none. At times, a passenger will reach for the white dome light and if they are able to reach it before I get to them, they will cut it on. White light is an eye’s worst enemy while in the air. It takes up to 30 minutes for vision to return to normal after a white light it turned on during a night flight. This can be very dangerous. So, to help in making sure that passengers are happy and to dissuade them from turning on anything they shouldn’t, a simple solution is here for you! Check out the video below on how to make your passengers their very own reading light!

This simple solution can save you from getting blinded by the harsh white light that most passengers reach for. Additionally, it allows the passenger to control their own directed light and enable them to do whatever they need to do without distracting you.

Let me know what you think! Ever had this happen to you? As always let others know your thoughts on this.

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