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Remembering the Important Stuff

Remembering things can be a little difficult for all of us at times, so after a little bit of brainstorming I came up with an idea to keep all of my important information at hand.

The humble cheat-sheet! However, this isn't just a small piece of paper under my clip board...oh no, I wouldn't do you like that. This is taking it to another level!

What I found was a matte paper with adhesive backing that is able to be printed on with almost any printer. This paper allows you to create your own stickers that you can stick to almost anything around you. So far, I have used these to serve as frequency reminders, weight and balance charts, VFR/IFR altitude restriction warnings and more. Sometimes the simplest things in life prove to be the most beneficial!

Click play below to check out the video of how to make your own cheat-sheets/placards:

Additionally, these work really well as placards on the plane. I know that in the Piper there have been quite a few placards that have just eroded over the years. Using this trick helps remind me of critical airplane functions and limitations.

You can get your own sticker paper stock by clicking on the picture below :)

Of course, it should go without being said that you would want to make sure not to obstruct your view with this handy trick. Remember, that those visors are clear for a reason!

Stay safe, stay thrifty!

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