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A time to help others!

The Thrifty Pilot is all about keeping the costs associated with aviation down with a safe and responsible approach, however sometimes we need to take a minute out of our lives to help others in need.

We as pilots and especially those with aircraft, have a powerful tool in which to help others who are in need. Considering the recent cataclysmic events within the United States and elsewhere, we have the opportunity to help others dramatically.

I know that a lot of us want to help those affected by these events, however we do not know whom to contact. Below are some groups that YOU can contact right now to help with the relief efforts in place.

Operation Airdrop (OAD) is a volunteer rescue organization composed of General Aviation pilots assembled to transport supplies to victims of Hurricane Harvey. OAD’s primary focus is harder to reach communities along the Texas Gulf Coast.

Yes, it is that dire along the coast. OAD will be setting up admins in the 5 state regional area for these supplies to be dropped off, and our pilots to deliver.

We are not an organized charity at this moment, therefore we do not have the ability to write charitable donation receipts. Please goto our website to help.

Emergency Volunteer Air Corps aka EVAC, the Emergency Volunteer Air Corps, was founded in 1987 for the purpose of organizing General Aviation pilots, amateur radio operators, and other personnel to be of service during disasters and other major public emergencies. The Emergency Volunteer Air Corps promotes and coordinates effective and useful additional General Aviation volunteer participation during emergency relief efforts, especially after disasters.

PilotsNPaws, a non-profit organization that uses volunteer general aviation pilots and planes to transport rescued animals, has put out a call for larger airplanes to help rescue animals caught in the hurricane and flooding.

The Air Care Alliance began at a conference of representatives of volunteer-based charitable flying groups, held at the headquarters of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association in 1990. The decision was made to form ACA to continue to hold the conferences annually, to develop consensus among the groups regarding appropriate regulations, to work with other aviation associations as well as governmental agencies, to promote charitable aviation, and to encourage the groups to work together in mutual support.

Mission Statement: “The Air Care Alliance promotes, supports, and represents public benefit flying through communication and cooperation among organizations facilitating flights for health, compassion, and community service.”

ACA is a nonprofit public benefit 501 c 3 organization incorporated in the state of California. As a publicly supported tax exempt charitable organization donations are typically tax deductible. We thank our donors immensely for making the work of our volunteer Directors and contributors possible.

We encourage you to learn about the full story of the Air Care Alliance and its accomplishments by reading about our History and Accomplishments using the buttons to the left. in addition we have a button presenting some general information about Public Benefit flying.

There website has links to almost all volunteer opportunities for pilots both local and international. This list can be found here:

If you know of any active aviation groups that could use pilots please post them below!

  • DO NOT self deploy - doing so often leads to more confusion and may inhibit other operations

  • DO contact these organizations by email. They are busy, however are in need of pilots, supplies and donations

  • DO know what you are signing up for. These groups need help, however if you do sign-up for a mission make sure you follow through. People are counting on you

  • DO research and know that not all groups will just take you on. Some have a formal process to ensure the safety of others that you may fly out of situations.

  • DO know that you are appreciated. In times of emergency tensions can get high. Know that if you go through the correct channels, your actions WILL be appreciated.

If you have to ability to help in any way, please do. Reach out to these groups and remember to remain organized, DO NOT SELF DEPLOY as this most often leads to more confusion and may inhibit other operations. No matter how little, every action for the positive is greatly appreciated. REMEMBER - We are ALL in this together and we as pilots have the ability to change many lives by doing the thing we all love to do - FLY!

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