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Engine Oil Quick Drain Valve DIY removal tool

The other day I noticed oil was dripping (more than normal) from my engine. After doing some investigating I noticed that the source was the Engine Oil Quick Drain Valve that had been installed. This little device takes place of the normal oil drain plug and allows the user to easily remove the oil from the engine by attaching a hose and lifting up a small bar to allow the oil to escape from the engine.

This is great, however after time the o-ring will eventually degrade. This is a very easy fix and can be done by a pilot, however it requires a special tool that will remove and install the plug without damaging the small bar used to release the oil from the engine.

The part in question costs around $60 and the sole use is to remove this plug. After fiddling around I was able to find a very cost effective alternative to remove and re-install this plug. Check it out:

Also, for those who are interested as a Thank You I am giving away a few Thrifty Pilot stickers. Totally FREE! Just leave a comment in this video and six lucky and totally random people will be picked to receive this bit of awesomeness :)

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