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Hunt for the perfect cell phone mount

The hunt for the perfect cell phone mount continues as I try out the SCOSCHE MAGWDM MagicMount Flex Mount for Mobile Devices.

Previously, I have attempted to use quite a few mounts with limited success. Honestly, there are many that are made especially for aircraft, however they are very expensive and I wanted to find a solution that would be able to compete with those higher priced mounts.

I think I might have found one! Make sure that you test this mount to ensure that it does NOT directly influence your on-board compass! It did not seem to bother mine too much, however the mount was pretty far away from the actual compass.

The magnet provides a very stable hold on the phone. Currently, I have the iPhone 7 plus and I was worried that the extra weight would be too much for this little mount. I was pleasantly surprised as the phone held on like a champ.

With the vibration and landings, the phone held steady to the magnetic mount and provided easy views of my EFB info. This is a whole lot better than trying to track down my phone between the seats. Might be worth a try!

Here is some in-flight video of the mount in action:

I am also in the process of giving away free stuff! Swing by the thrifty pilot's YouTube channel to score yourself some free swag :)

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