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Engine health check by the FAA

One of the most important and potentially costly items, if something goes wrong, in your aircraft is its engine. Proper maintenance is KEY to the longevity and continued performance. From mixture control to proper maintenance, keeping your engine healthy will provide years of enjoyment.

"Did you know that most general aviation fatal accidents are caused by in-flight loss of control? Many of these loss of control accidents are due to engine failure-related factors. Between 2001-2010, 35 of 70 randomly selected accidents had engine maintenance errors identified as a contributing factor. Proper engine maintenance, post maintenance, advanced pre-flight, and performance monitoring can go a long way to eliminating this type of mishap." - FAA

Today, in their most recent article, the FAA safety team released a short FAA Safety Briefing article about Engine Maintenance and Performance Monitoring. If you are not subscribed these articles, I urge you to do so. They are a wealth of pertinent information geared to general aviation and will serve to teach all of us a thing or two about aviation and our aircraft.

These articles are where I get a lot of useful information for my blog and videos. They are not meant to be a complete guide, but instead give tips, tricks and learnings that will save both money and possibly your life.

You can subscribe to both e-mail and print articles here:

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