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Yoke Wrap For the Rest of Us

Sometimes the most simplistic solutions are the best solutions!

During flying my yoke used to become very slippery and nasty due to sweat transferring from my hand. After looking through some webpages at some pretty expensive custom made covers, I came up with a really inexpensive alternative.

Take a look at my solution here:

Leather wraps are great and I am really not knocking them. However, if you are like me you would rather put that money toward other 100LL :)

Maybe one day I will get the opportunity to wrap my yoke in a custom made leather wrap, however, in the mean time this solution is actually pretty decent. Not to mention, I can always change up the color if I want to look "fancy".

You can pick up these wraps at many stores that sell medical supply or you can grab some off of Amazon using this link here:

An alternate recommendation that you might like would be the "Tennis Racket" feel by using this:

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