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How rock steady are Rock Steady mounts?

For those who are interested in recording their flights for training, memories or insurance reasons, having a stable video is essential.

Normally, a camera will come with a few different types of mounts. Some of these mounts are the "sticky" type that adhere to a surface, while others are screwed on or even strapped on. Most of the time though these mounts have a lot to be desired. Camera manufactures are in the market for making sure the quality and functionality of their cameras are known - not necessarily their mounts.

So, in most cases what you end up with is a great camera, but a mount that records a very unhealthy picture due to its cheap mount. This is amplified in the field of aviation due to the increased pressures that these mounts have to deal with.

After quite a bit of research and testing out numerous camera mounts I believe I have found a solution that provides both a safe mount that also provides great stability for aviation - the Rock Steady mounts.

I reached out to FlightFlix after searching for a mount that was able to be legally attached to my aircraft and would provide the functionality I was looking for. The mounts that I was using were either more focused on helmets or skateboarders - not aviation!

After intruducing myself to the wonderful group of people that work at FlightFlix they offered to send me a few of their mounts to review. Due to the generosity of FlightFlix ( I am able to share with you my review on these aviation specific mounts.

Please, take a look at my most recent review of the Rock Steady mounts for yourself:

Additionally, if you are looking for a rock solid camera to attach to the mounts, my preference is the new Ghost X by Drift:

The folks at The Thrifty Pilot would like to give a big "thank you" to Flight Flix Aviation for giving us a chance to use and review the mounts offered. We had great fun trying these mounts on all types of aircraft. Even through some user error, the installation of all mounts was easy and provided a great stable video experience.

An example of the video taken by the Rock Steady surface mount:


Pick up the Ghost X camera by Drift:

My preferred mounting solutions:

Flight Flix Rock Steady Slim Strut Mount - Strut Base w/ Metal Strap Kit

Flight Flix Threaded 1/4-20 Rock Steady Mount - Surface Base w/ Dovetail

Flight Flix VIRB X/XE Rock Steady Mount - Tie-Down Base w/ Dovetail

If you want to use this camera with "GoPro" syle mounts including the Rock Steady mounts, you will need to pick up one of these:

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