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Stay warm with a little bit of humor

Did anyone notice the crazy cold weather out there? Well, if you are living in in one of the parts of the United States where you are impacted by the POLAR VORTEX, you are most likely trying to stay warm. One of the best ways to stay warm, other than layers of clothing and max cabin heat, is with uncontrollable laughter!

David Lombardo of ATC Memes has just came out with another hilarious aviation focused website called On the site, David, or “LO” as he is known by his followers has started his very own podcast which focuses on the world of aviation from a light-hearted point of view.

“...Aviation LO Down features fascinating interviews and soundbites from across the industry in an exciting and energy-fueled format anyone can enjoy. A podcast that explores not just flying, but the art and science of what makes people in aviation tick. Whether it's a teen flight student playing a flight simulator, an air traffic controller working at an understaffed facility, a flight attendant on her 7th flight of the day, or a 25,000-hour airline captain on the brink of retirement, there really is something for everyone on the Aviation LO Down. Welcome aboard!” -

It's great to see "LO" continuing to add humorous content and a varied perspective from an accomplished controllers point of view. We are excited to hear who these special guests are going to be and where this is going to take us.

As a great distraction from studying, maintenance or just to have playing in the background of your hangar, these podcasts are sure to put a smile on your face!

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