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Amazon Prime Day is HERE!

There probably isn't any other day of the year that makes me as happy as Prime Day when it comes to saving money in aviation. I have scoured the day one deals of Amazon's two day event to find these picks for the Thrifty community.

Check out these current Amazon Prime deals now! NOTE: Prices will fluctuate as availability of the product changes, click on each product to view the most up to date pricing.


1) A20 Headset Replacement Ear Pads Ear Cushions Kit - Recently, I completed a video on how to overhaul a well worn pair of aviation headsets. Now, you can start to overhaul your Bose headset with this great deal! Link to overhaul video:

2) CONRAD RONTGEN Premium Aviator Sunglasses - nothing says "I'm a kewl pilot" like having some nifty aviator sunglasses. These sunglasses are non-polarized so you don't have to worry about your screens going dark in the air due to the dual polarization affect! Additionally, they provide complete coverage so none of those nasty sun rays will ruin your vision.

3) The Air Combat Paintings of Robert Taylor - As one reviewer states, "Those of you who know Robert Taylor's art work will know what to expect from this book. Those of you don't, then you will be treated to some superb sketches and paintings which mainly focus on World War 2 aviation scenes." Pick up a copy of this amazingly illustrated book today.

4) Aviation Headset for Pilots, Aviation Headset with Comfortable Ear Seals, 24db Noise Cancelling, MP3 Support and Carrying Case - If you are looking for a great deal on a new headset with MP3 support these are the ones for you! Noise cancelling and the ability to play your favorite tunes are the way to go.

5) Cibee 6 Inch Wire Twisting Pliers Set - For those pilots or owners who perform their own maintenance a good set of twisting pliers is a must. Amazon has a great deal on these 6 Inch Wire Twisting Pliers which will get you back in the air in no time.

6) AuKvi Red Light Headlamp,3 Mode Red LED headlamp - With a high customer review rating and multi-mode functionality, this headlamp sure seems like a great deal. Having a headlamp with a red LED assists pilots in keeping their hands free and not suffering from night blindness that white LEDs induce.

7) AccuMed CMS-50DL Fingertip Pulse Oximeter - Don't get yourself in trouble by depleating yourself of O2 while at any altitude. I always carry an oximeter with me to check my oxygen saturation while flying to ensure I know what is going on with my body and I am prepared to make smart choices during my flights.

8) 2 Pcs Powerful Red LED Flashlight - What's better than one powerful RED LED about two! These lights have an adjustable focus and can be powered by either a single rechargeable 18650 Lithium-ion Battery (not included) or three AAA batteries (not included)! I have about four or five of these and so far they have proven to be great little lights.

9) Digital Industrial Endoscope - Knowing what is going on in the difficult to reach/view parts of your plane is fundamental to safety. Having a endoscope is a great way to figure out what's going on in the places that you cannot see. This scope will capture both images and video so you can review what you find later with your mechanic.

10) AC Outlet Portable Laptop Charge - If you are looking to never run out of power on the go, this is the power pack for you! 110V/85W (100W Peak) AC outlet provides a great solution to AC power supply and comes with USB C, QC3.0 and 5V/2.4A three USB outputs. PowerBar powers iPhone and Galaxy up to 8 times, offers a 1.1 charges to 12'' Macbook , 70% charges to your MacBook Pro 15" without using your laptops while charging. WOW!


Amazon Prime Day(s) are a great way to stock up on aviation gear as prices are reduced significantly on popular items. If you have any deals that you would like to share, post them below so others can grab some hot deals! As always, Stay thrifty !

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