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How to avoid explosions (of the carbonated type!)

Staying hydrated is very important as you are buzzing around the sky. However, there is a possibility of things going VERY wrong in the cabin if you are drinking carbonated water.

Sparkling water has blasted (pun intended) in popularity and with it comes challenges when it is opened at any altitude. These drinks pack a punch as normally they are heavily carbonated.

This simple trick will help save you from the embarrassment and potentially damaging consequences that come with exploding carbonated drinks.

If possible, I suggest opening these bottles on the ground first to relieve a lot of the pressure. This will also reduce distraction as your continue good cockpit management while in the sky.

...or you could just avoid all of it and fill up a trusty Hydration Backpack and attach it to your seat :)

NOTE: Always be careful drinking any type of drinks and flying. NEVER drink alcohol before or while flying. Save those drinks for later!

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