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My search for the perfect camera, COMPLETE!

My search for the best action cam to record my flights may have finally come to a conclusion!

As many of you, I like to be able to fly with a camera. I do so as a way of learning from my past flights, having a visual record of where I have been, plus by having video on hand I can help others not make the same mistakes I have made by posting on YouTube.

This relentless search for the "perfect camera" has gone on for quite some time. Going through expensive cameras that were difficult to work to purchasing cheap cameras that just ended up being pieces of junk.

My list of needs was vast, however I was not going to give up until I found want the camera that would give me everything.

Those needs included:

  • Ability to mount the camera anywhere I may choose (preferably using the “GoPro” style mounts)

  • Small and lightweight

  • Must be able to record all radio traffic

  • Long battery life to last entire flight

  • Waterproof/dust proof and can take a hard landing...or two

  • Decently priced (gotta stay thrifty!)

  • A camera that can take clear high resolution pictures

  • Easy to operate

The Ghost X from Drift hits all of my needs and gives me even more!

See my full review here:


As I am not affiliated with the brand, I bought my camera outright - however, with it being the holiday season you might be able to find a deal within the next few days to get it for even less than the current $129 price tag. Either way, with the features this camera has and the versatility it gives, it is worth grabbing before their gone.

RockSteady Mount review:


Pick up one of these cameras:

My preferred mounting solutions:

Flight Flix Rock Steady Slim Strut Mount - Strut Base w/ Metal Strap Kit

Flight Flix Threaded 1/4-20 Rock Steady Mount - Surface Base w/ Dovetail

Flight Flix VIRB X/XE Rock Steady Mount - Tie-Down Base w/ Dovetail

If you want to use this camera with "GoPro" syle mounts including the Rock Steady mounts, you will need to pick up one of these:

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