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2019 AOPA Scholarship Programs

As almost everyone knows, a large expense associated with flying is training. Getting started is the first step to any adventure, but sometimes some steps are higher than others.

The Frederick, MD based non-profit, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association is making this expense more palatable to aspiring pilots by providing annual scholarships.

As their website states, "The AOPA Foundation supports exceptional high school students, aspiring pilots, and current pilots each year with annual flight training scholarships of more than $1 million awarded through four programs"

This is extremely powerful, as providing scholarships to pilots may bring down the high barrier of cost associated with getting involved in aviation.

Currently, the AOPA is offering five different scholarship opportunities ranging from high school students to adults who want to want to either get into flying or advance their career.

Every year the AOPA provides these scholarships to continue their goal to bring more individuals into the world of flight. The Thrifty Pilot strongly suggests that if you or someone you know is interested in getting started in flying or want to progress thier career that you check out these amazing opportunities.

More information can be found using the links below.

AOPA Scholarships Program Page:


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